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Wholesale White De-Icing Salt, Ice Scrapers, Snow Shovels, Ice Show Grips

BoyzToys are suppliers of wholesale white deicing salt and a huge range of other essential winter items which are designed to keep people warm through the toughest months of the year. As a wholesaler with a website they offer retailers a fast and easy to use service, however their friendly staff are always on hand to take calls from any customers in need of assistance.

Winter affects everyone in the UK and usually when it hits, it hits hard. Retailers have a harder time through winter as snow and freezing temperatures can mean that it's hard to get anywhere, like the shops, and even harder to keep the streets clear of hazardous ice.

The Winter Essentials range has a great selection of deicing salt that is perfect for any shop to use to keep the street outside of their premises clear of ice. Since this ice is white it doesn't stain paths at all, which makes it great for use on home garden paths, and will ensure that no one falls over before they've made it to the pavement. There are also a range of ice scrapers that are great for the car when the frost on them gets thick. Keeping hands warm in the morning while scraping the ice off the car can be difficult however, this range includes a mitt that will keep hands warm as they de-ice the car windscreen.

Most sports are a lot harder to do in the winter. The main reason for this is that the ground becomes too hard to fall on safely and so games are moved indoors for the colder months of the year. For golfers playing indoors isn't an option, but if the ground is clear then they all continue playing outside. With a hand warmer in their pocket, golfers will feel much better about being outside and keeping up their sport through the winter.

The ultimate winter pastime, as long as there's snow to accommodate it, is sledging. Sledging is something that gets everyone involved, from small children up to grandparents. The Winter Essentials range features a number of sledges that are all great for having fun in the snow. Snow Gliders are small, fun sledges that are really great for kids to use to rocket down snowy hillsides on their days off from school. Some children might prefer something with more control such as the Snow Scooter, which gives riders the chance to direct where they go on the snow and conquer big jumps.