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Emergency Snow Shovels

Extreme seasonal weather has been steadily worsening in recent years, and BoyzToys are offering their Winter Essentials range of Easy Store Emergency Snow Shovels to any and all retailers looking to generate winter sales. Cheap wholesale prices will allow outlets the flexibility to buy in bulk and set competitive price points to keep customers coming and profits rising.

Emergency Shovels are already seeing huge demand. The public has been caught by surprise over the past few years, and plenty of drivers have missed work or spent the night by the roadside after unexpectedly heavy snowfall. Consumers are growing more cautious, and the low prices plus easy disassembling for storage of BoyzToys Snow Shovels make them sensible investments for customers. The ability to clear snow around the front and back of a car is a huge benefit for parked drivers. Where the council will usually salt the main roads, being able to take back their pathways and side streets is a power people can’t afford to go without. A Snow Shovel eases the process of spreading grit, and will sell well alongside any related winter products like snow shoes or chains.

Though winter will generate a bulk of sales, always maintain that the products have great utility outside of the snowy season. After heavy rain they’re capable of clearing sunken cars from muddy country tracks, and are often used to rid drivers of unwanted obstacles like rocks, glass and road kill. The mobile and light nature of BoyzToys emergency shovels sees them prove popular among campers year round. Clearing rocks from pitching sites or digging out a fire pit are common uses, and they fit easily into a bag when space and weight is at a premium.

At competitive wholesale prices BoyzToys Easy Store Emergency Snow Shovels are sound stock investments for winter. Buy cheap and have them in-store the very next day to start expanding your trade immediately. Considering the many uses they can be marketed towards, stimulating sales will be a pain-free process.