What a sucess!!!

After a very successful 5 days at Birmingham NEC's Autumn Fair 2015, we are back in the office at your beck and call.

With most of our best selling ranges, huge selection of licenced products and brand new products for you to come and see, we are very happy to have such a big and good reaction to our stand and all its rpoducts displayed.



If you didn't get chance to come and see our huge range of products, there is no need to panic. Feel free to give us a call and book a date to visit our show room and our Head office and see everything we have to offer. SImply email or call your sales rep., or call the head office on 01530 810870 and we will be more than happy to book you in for a date that suits you.

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Going From Strength To Strength

Watch This Space!

Since the launch of our fitness range, Phoenix Fitness, back in December last year, not even we could have foreseen the huge success we have had with the entire range of products. Across the board, each line has held its own and become some of our best selling lines. From Ab Rollers to Punch Bags, each line and section of products has increasingly become an exceptional line for us.

On that note, we would like to introduce to you our brand new fitness lines: The Deep Tissue Massage Roller, The Folding Carry Fitness Mat, The Protein Shaker and The 3 Pack Yoga Bands.

With already massive interest in these brand new lines, we are happy to announce that these are just the start of whats to come. With more and more fitness lines being add to our range, all we can say is...Watch this space!

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Autumn Fair 2015

From the 6th to the 9th of September, we will be exhibiting at the Autumn Fair, The NEC, Birmingham, B40 1NT.

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Please show your support - Brave To Shave

Our very own Managing Director, Jordan Price, has decided to take to the blade to support Pancreatic Cancer UK by shaving his hair off.  With support from all of the business, we are also hoping for your support too.

Around 9000 people are diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer each year in the UK and it is now the 11th most common cancer.  There is not yet a defined cause and research is constantly on going.  Money raised for Jordan’s Brave to Shave will be going straight to Pancreatic Cancer UK to help more research and to support people with Pancreatic Cancer and their families.

Sadly 2015 has not been a good year for Jordan’s family.  Both Jordan’s wife and mother have been diagnosed with terminal cancer. At the young age of 38 and being a healthy and fit woman, Jordan’s wife, Michelle has Pancreatic Cancer. With two children together, ages two and three, it hasn’t been a happy year. Jordan’s mother has multiple cancers and is also trying to recover from a stroke she had a couple of years ago.  Life is certainly unfair but your donations could help save and change lives. This will also help and change the lives of family members and friends.

The ‘brave to shave’ is to show support to others affected, and also the money will be to provide support for others and to gain more awareness about the cancer.

If you would be so kind as to donate to such a fantastic and important cause, your support will mean a great deal to Jordan, his family and families around the country suffering in similar circumstances.

Any donation is much appreciated.

Thank you


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Mayweather Knows Good Equipment When He See's It

So it appears even The King himself, Floyd ‘Money'  Mayweather has snapped up our last Ab Roller! But don’t fear, the beginning of next months will see the Phoenix Fitness Ab Roller back in Stock, ready and raring to go.

“To be the best you have to work overtime”

The ab roller is a simple piece of ab exercise equipment that definitely confirms the clichéd saying looks can be deceiving. Although it appears innocent enough and is normally used for fairly easy stomach exercises, with a bit of adaptation the ab roller can also be used for some of the most advanced stomach exercises on the planet. In fact this inexpensive little wheel is so good for building the six pack muscles of the rectus abdominis and outer obliques it beats any other piece of equipment that you will see in the gym.

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